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Ava Priest is an outstanding student. I have had the pleasure to have her as a student in two of my Japanese classes. Two years ago, she was in my Japanese 1 class at Casey Middle School, and this year she is in my Japanese 3 class at Boulder High School. Ava has consistently earned A’s on just about every assignment, and she seems to thrive on the challenges presented by a language like Japanese. In Japanese 1, Ava quickly mastered the 96 phonetic characters in the hiragana and katakana syllabaries. She can read and write these characters with ease. in addition, she has continued to make inroads to learning the thousands of Chinese characters (kanji) that are also used in Japanese. Ava has an exceptional ear for the language and does very well on written and spoken assignments as well.

Socially, Ava is a respectful, friendly young adult who works well with her classmates. She does an excellent job advocating for herself when needed. For example, when she misses a class due to a soccer tournament, she always contacts me to get the work she missed and to ask any questions that she has about the material. Without fail, she turn in the work she missed shortly after returning to class.

Ava is a well grounded student who excels both inside and outside the classroom. The sky’s the limit with her! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Michael Kleinkopf, Ph.D.
Boulder High School
Japanese Teacher

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