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"It Was Clear To Me That She Is Going To Be Something Special."

Find out what my coaches are saying about my future in professional soccer!

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The first time I met Ava Priest she was participating in a regional select camp.  I noticed key qualities that I am always searching for when I am building a team that can compete on a National level.

Ava is very athletic and technical but It was the little things she did on the field that pushed me to reach out to her and start working with her as a player.  You could see she has soccer dreams but she did not have a clear pathway for achieving those dreams.  Once I got the opportunity to sit down with her to go over her goals and soccer desires it was clear to me that she is going to be something special.  Ava is very athletic, she has great technical ability and she is extremely soccer savvy.   She watches and studies professional games and she trains like she has a soccer destiny already in place.

The biggest and most impressive key quality that Ava possesses is her humility.  She has been the hero in many games for her current 06 Girls CO Rush Academy team, whether it was scoring the game winner or shutting down the toughest attacking player from the opponents team.  However,  she has never shown an ego on or off the field.

Even though she has her goals and her dreams she has always played for the team and the logo on her jersey. For that reason any coach who has the honor of working with Ava will be better for it.

John Carroll
Executive Director
Colorado Rush Soccer Club

Ava is growing. A year ago, she guest played and I saw a bit of potential. Today she is a starter and steady player.  Getting better and better.  At 15 good, but curious to see her a year from now.

Tim Schulz

President & CEO
Rush Soccer Club

I’ve been coaching competitive youth soccer for over 20 years and have never come across a more motivated and driven player than Ava. It has been her sheer determination that has gotten her to the heights she finds herself at now. From our grassroots U10 Girls Team where Ava was a good player, but not a standout, she immersed herself daily in the game, involving herself in anything and everything not just to fuel improvement, but more importantly because she couldn’t resist the fun. As she matured she began surpassing her peers in level of talent and pure effect on the field, making her realize she was truly gifted in mind and body and setting herself on a course to make soccer a serious lifetime achievement. She understands the most important measure of an athlete is not where she is today, but where she is going tomorrow.

Having been her coach for many of her formative years, I am as excited as anyone to witness what will be an amazing next chapter in Ava’s soccer story. Her enthusiasm and heart for soccer is extraordinary, and an inspiration for everyone around her—players and adults.

Rick Lizondo

Executive Director
LFA Rush Soccer

I have had the pleasure of coaching Ava for the past two seasons in Track and Field, as a 100m and 300m hurdler as well as a sprinter. During that time, she has shown determinations very competitive, shown grit and is very coachable.  She has the ability to juggle both track and her competitive soccer in a very unique way and is successful in both. She has been a joy to coach!

Carl A Worthington, Jr.
Boulder High’s Head Boys and Girls Track Coach since 1995
Assistant XC since 1989
Assistant Track coach 1980-1994
BOCO Board of directors member 1999-present

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